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This vivid portrait of contemporary parenting blends memoir and cultural analysis to explore evolving ideas of disability and human difference.​ Released on September 5, 2023. Learn more at the University of California Press


"Sensitive reflections on human value." Kirkus Reviews

"... [C]ompelling and useful to think with. ... [Provides a] rich combination of personal narrative, history of anthropology, and historical ethnography." Medical Anthropology Quarterly

Excerpts, Interviews, Talks, & Stories

"What is Normal?" Hidden Brain, with Shankar Vedantam (4.8.24)

"Navigating an Ableist Culture" Down Syndrome Association of Central California (1.18.24)

"A Normal Childhood with Down Syndrome," Constant Wonder, S7 E1, BYU Radio (1.17.24)

Author Interview. Madison Book Beat, WORT 89.9 Madison, WI (1.8.24)

"Did Margaret Mead Support Disability Rights?" UC Press Blog (11.7.23)

Book Launch Presentation. UW-Stout Archives & Area Research Center (10.25.23)

"Raising My Children in an Ableist World." Sapiens Anthropology Magazine (10.4.23)

Author Interview. Impact Ethics (10.11.23)

Author Interview. Up North News Radio (9.7.23) 

"An anthropologist comes to terms with a child born different." Wisconsin Examiner (8.29.23)

When the Hills Are Gone_cover.jfif

An overlooked part of fracking’s environmental impact becomes a window into the activists and industrial interests fighting for the future of energy production—and the fate of rural communities.​ Published in 2017. Learn more at the University of Minnesota Press

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