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Going public

I have now given two interviews about An Ordinary Future, which is set to be released next week. One was for a radio podcast, the other for a progressive state news publication. It feels strange giving interviews, especially about a book. There's a reason I wrote a book. Even though this one was a very personal exploration, books are meant to be read. And now I'm being asked to talk about it.

This feels especially unusual since An Ordinary Future was largely written during the lonely period of COVID lockdowns and social distancing, when I avoided academic conferences and other opportunities to share the work in progress. I was once so deeply immersed in the writing. It was a largely private experience, one I cherished and which gave me a sense of solace. And now what had once been my own personal journey is becoming public. I know writing and authorship always entail making oneself vulnerable, but this feels different or more acute.

In any case, Erik Gunn for the Wisconsin Examiner wrote up a thoughtful story about my book based what was, so far, only the second interview I've yet done on it.

"An anthropologist comes to terms with a child born different," by Erik Gunn, Wisconsin Examiner, August 29, 2023.

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