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It's real!

After being on campus most of the day and then playing soccer in Eau Claire, yesterday I got home in the evening to find that advance copies of An Ordinary Future had been delivered! It's actually real!

Michaela helped me open the box. She approves and thinks everyone should read it. Officially released on September 5, it also makes a fine hat.

Initially I had mixed feelings about the cover design, but I think this looks nicer on the actual book then it does on screen. Plus, Michaela asked if it's her on the cover. It's not. However, it's meaningful to me that she identifies with the image. Now and then, Michaela puts on pink dresses and she likes to dance and twirl.

Other than knowing I spend a lot of time on my computer, Michaela doesn't really grasp what this book is about (none of my kids do). She's only 8 and an emergent reader, but this book may never really mean anything to her.

Ultimately, the book is not about Michaela -- but it wouldn't exist without her. So it's important to me that she at least sees a bit of herself in it.

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